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Stop me if you’ve heard this one

A new decade. We did it! We celebrated it! We may or may not have deserved it.

I for one certainly didn’t, having left you guys in the dark with no updates, and myself spiralling towards the unspeakable limbo of webcomics oblivion (the road to which happens to be paved with every StumbleUpon button I clicked when I should have been working).

Anyway, here’s a song I made:

Point to Having Lived (MP3)

My Secret Workflow

…It’s just as boring as you’d expect it to be, unless you speed it up 15 times faster:

I don’t know if I want to do another recording like this again for a while. It’s hard enough for me to get anything done without the feeling that someone is watching over my shoulder.

Now, if only I could work this fast in realtime…

Let’s Go

Bear with me here, people- Us the Robots is making a comeback.

In the meantime, here’s a little something else I’ve been working on:


Although I certainly hope that the humor in this episode stands on it’s own, I can’t help but think that the funniest thing about it is that I had to put a piece of toast in a scanner.

It's not the weirdest thing I've had to scan...


I swear, if one more professor tells me to “think outside the box,” I’ll make them eat my markers.

On a lighter note, I produced something for animation class that I’m rather pleased with. I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed animating it:

What’s that? Why yes, this is the sort of stuff I get graded on…

pardon me but would you like some wallpaper

Last week I was sick, but this week I’ve managed to pull off some very tasteful desktop backgrounds. Maybe they would look good behind your icons?

Did you know…

…that I make robots in real life, too?

Oh, Gorilla Glue... Where have you been all my life?

@Mausoom: To answer your question, it takes anywhere from an hour to a whole day to do the artwork for one strip– but not nearly as long as my appalling lack of consistency might suggest…

I’m Back!

Why have I been absent for weeks?

It probably has something to do with me making images like this:

Also, exams in the form of little colored squares.

Blenderheads do it in Post-Pro

I tend to attract a lot of Blender users on my site, so every now and then I’ll post a tutorial or a rant about blender. Everyone else who isn’t a huge nerd or Blender user or both probably won’t care to read any further on this post.

This week, I’m going to talk about Blender’s composite node editor.

It’s awesome! You should never render an image in blender without tweaking it in the node editor. Node based post-processing is superior to post-processing in a regular image manipulation program for a number of reasons: It’s non-linear, non-destructive, and it handles color in 32-bit floating point values.

You can also use it to make an image that looks like a map of the London Underground:

It is exactly as complicated as it looks.

Allow me to explain this madness… Read More »

What are YOU looking at?

Today is open-house day at the College of Design! Parents and prospective students get to walk around and look at everyone’s work on display.


It’s important to approach this with a healthy degree of contempt.

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